Who Are You: Survivalist or Romantic?

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We at ZILF realize that we are among a small (but ever-growing and unarguably more progressive) school of thought in regards to what many refer to as the Zombie Apocalypse. It is commonly perceived as a big scary time when humanity will have to fight for its very survival…yadda yadda yadda. Sorry to all of you Pessimistic Pete’s out there, but some of us tend to look at the brighter side of things. We like to think of our "zombie apocalypse" not as empty of hope, but as full…of love. If you’re unsure of your own thoughts about zombies, we offer the following quiz to help you get a handle on what your views may very well be.

1. You’ll know the apocalypse is beginning when…
A) the living dead rise and begin to devour your loved ones
B) you see the reanimated embracing their former loved ones

2. When you see a zombie coming toward you, you should…
A) run for the nearest shelter and barricade yourself inside
B) check your hair and think of a clever introduction

3. Your biggest foe will be…
A) zombies!
B) ignorance

4. Your best weapons are…
A) guns, clubs, whatever is handy
B) open arms, an open mind and education

5. Zombies only want one thing and that is…
A) to kill you and eat your flesh
B) to be loved and accepted

6. If a zombie enters your home, you should…
A) keep shooting, until you’re out of ammo
B) make pleasant conversation, until you’re out of topics

7. If you see a zombie staggering around your neighborhood, you should…
A) call the local militia to kick some zombie ass
B) call the local French restaurant to reserve a table for two

8. If a zombie bites you, you should…
A) panic because it means you’ll become a zombie, too
B) proudly show off your zicky to your friends

9. A zombie on the rampage can only be stopped by…
A) a bullet directly to the brain
B) offering a sympathetic ear

10. A zombie is…
A) the ultimate evil
B) a friend you haven’t met

If you answered A to any or all of the preceding, you are a product of the media and have been brainwashed by the fiction that masks itself as entertainment. However, if you answered B, you are open-minded and are not afraid just because something is new or different.

So, how did you fare?

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